Zipmex X Auntys Haus

Zipmex X Auntys Haus
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Zipmex X Auntys Haus Limited Edition Auntys Zipmex Overprint Bucket Hat

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Inspired by founder, Motley Flower's childhood being brought up by his colorful and fun aunties, the Auntys Haus brand features ready-to-wear pieces with relatable and humorous aesthetics.

Auntys Haus is the first and only Thai streetwear brand listed on HYPEBEAST.

Auntys Zipmex Overprint Bucket Hat

Free size, reversible bucket hat

What do you get when you mix crypto with streetwear? Aunty Zip! Channel her adventurous and fun-loving spirit with this fun t-shirt of Aunty Zip doing yoga with ZMT.

Aunty Zip Collection

The Aunty Zip persona was inspired by that one savvy aunt everyone loves to love.

Outdoors-y, adventurous, yoga-loving and extremely fit are just some of the words used to describe her.

Aunty Zip also trades crypto daily, bringing in the best of both worlds!

Stay safe in the sun with Aunty Zip in this reversible bucket hat!

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