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Kad Kokoa
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Kad Kokoa, Chocolate Satisfaction Bonbon Box

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A box of 15 delicious chocolate bonbons or chocolate truffles including exciting flavors like salted caramel, passion fruit, macadamia, coffee and more!

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Celebrate the upcoming holiday season of giving with Kad Kokoa's chocolate satisfaction bonbon box, the perfect gift for a loved one.

Bonbon Box

A box of 15 delicious chocolate bonbons or chocolate truffles, freshly prepared using artisanal chocolate at Kad Kokoa Café.

The box includes an array of delicious confections: salted caramel bonbons, passion fruit bonbons, macadamia praline, coffee and nibs truffles, almond truffles, classic truffles and soft chocolate.

About Kad Kokoa

The couple behind Kad Kokoa didn't take the most conventional route to end up where they are now, but whatever it is they're doing, it's working.

Originally lawyers, Nuttaya and Paniti Chunhasawatikul first started making chocolate out of their own kitchens with little to no knowledge of the art.

Today, the award-winning couple are the first chocolate makers in Thailand to use 'Single Origin Chocolate' where each flavor is developed to highlight a specific region of Thailand.

Celebrate the upcoming holiday season and gift your loved one with a box of 15 delicious chocolate bonbons.

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