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Omakanesh Japanese Bafun Uni Set Delivery

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Delivery is only available for selected provinces: Bangkok

Build your own delightful bite of Uni with a set that includes Japanese Bafun Uni, Salmon Caviar, Sushi Rice and Seaweed, delivered straight to your home!

Invite friends and family over and enjoy uni in the comfort of your own homes with Omakanesh's impressive Japanese Bafun Uni Set.

Japanese Bafun Uni Set

Each set has everything you need to build your own perfect bite:

- Japanese Bafun Uni 50g/tray

- Salmon Caviar 50g

- Sushi Rice and Seaweed

Ingredients are hand selected by Michelin chefs and imported straight from overseas.

For delivery in Bangkok only. Delivery will be done every Friday.

About Omakanesh

Founded by Uni lovers, Praiya "Milky" Anantarasap and Daniel “Danny” Blessing, Omakanesh was created so that customers can enjoy a whole box of uni — not just a bite.

The best uni are selected and handpicked by Michelin star chefs, imported from overseas, and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Invite friends and family over to enjoy some premium uni, delivered straight to your home!

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