Sushi Sasuga

Sushi Sasuga
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[For 2] Zipmex X Sushi Sasuga 16-Course Omakase

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Get lost in a comprehensive 16-course omakase for 2 that includes ZipWorld exclusive dishes like Sushi Nigaki and Sushi Foie Gras.

Redeem with ZMT at a 30% discount, only for Zipmex users!

Nothing says authentic omakase quite like traditional Edo sushi and a gorgeous Japanese interior. An experience as if you had just transported to Japan.

Omakase Details


- Negima


- Zuwai Gani

- Akami

- Shima Aji

- Ikura

- Uni

- Anago

- Tamago

- Griled Shrimp

- O-toro

- Torotaku

- Miso Soup

- Dessert

Zipmex Exclusives

- Sushi Nigaki

- Sushi Foie Gras

About Sushi Sasuga

A brand new restaurant, Sushi Sasuga first opened on November 18, 2021.

Lead by Chef Yoji Kobayashi, who is also the head chef of Sushi Juban, Sushi Sasuga offers traditional Edo sushi using premium ingredients prepared by advanced cooking techniques.

Traditional Edo sushi with a 16-course omakase for 2 at the newly opened Sushi Sasuga.

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