Cadence by Dan Bark

Cadence by Dan Bark
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Cadence by Dan Bark 14-Course MICHELIN Menu

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Indulge in Cadence’s 14-course menu for 2 that puts the culinary skill of Chef Dan on full display with dishes like Uni & Cauliflower, Caviar & Potato, and Wagyu Tartare.

Taste the depth and complexity of flavors developed by the decorated Chef Dan, presented in artfully crafted dishes you won't want to miss out on.

Cadence Course Menu

- Caviar and Potato

- Razor Clams and Leek

- King Fish and Preserved Lemon

- Uni

- Roots

- Scallop

- Maitake Mushroom

- Red Snapper

- Duck

- Wagyu Tartare

- Lamb

- Bergamot Ball

- Creme Brulee

- Dark Chocolate

Optional 7 glasses of cocktail pairing at THB 2,649 Net per person. Optional 7 glasses of mocktail pairing at THB 1,907 Net per person.

Special rate for ZipWorld.

About Chef Dan Bark

In 2014, a young passionate team opened a small restaurant called Upstairs. With the dream of running a dining room to welcome diners and give them an intimate and welcoming experience.

Taking another chapter, Chef Dan Bark and the team moved forward into unveiling their newest experience - Cadence by Dan Bark. Cadence represents rhythm, flow, and balance - the lifeblood of our dining room. Venture journey through Chef Dan’s Progressive Personal Cuisine harmonised with a unique selection of elegant wines and artfully designed cocktails.

Enjoy a Cadence 14-course menu for 2 crafted by Chef Dan Bark.

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