Mugendai Penthouse

Mugendai Penthouse
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Mugendai Penthouse Exquisite Omakase for 2

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Enjoy a unique Japanese dining experience with Mugendai Penthouse's exquisite omakase for 2 with complimentary cocktails - exclusive only on ZipWorld.

Visit Mugendai Penthouse and see how they make the most out of imported ingredients to deliver flavors that'll blow you away.

13 Course Omakase

- Truffle Madai

- Truffle Chawanmushi

- Smoked Hamachi

- Iwashi

- Kinmedai

- Akami Zuke

- Truffle Chutoro

- Uni

- Ezo Awabi Risoto

- Sharkfin Tempura with Spicy Salmon Temaki

- Katsutera

- Shiromi Soup

- Musk Melon

Complimentary cocktails, exclusive only on ZipWorld.

Mugendai Penthouse

Years in the making, Mugendai Penthouse was created to deliver a unique Japanese dining experience where every customer is made to feel special.

With premium and fresh ingredients imported straight from Japan, you'll find flavors at Mugendai you won't find anywhere else.

Discover what sets Mugendai Penthouse apart with their omakase for 2, complete with complimentary cocktails.

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