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Tenyuu Grand
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Tenyuu Grand: A Taste of Japan

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Explore new heights of Japanese cuisine through Tenyuu Grand's set menu for 2 with dishes like avocado tofu in white sesame sauce, various nigiris and more.

Japanese cuisine is brought to life at Tenyuu Grand with delectable creations by expert chefs using the most premium ingredients, bringing all Japanese food lovers to "Sushi Heaven".

A taste of Japan

Set menu for 2 people:


- Avocado Tofu in White Sesame Sauce

- Shiruo Salad

Main Courses

- Kama Meshi Seafood

- Salmon Saikyo Nigiri and Salmon Mentaiko Nigiri

- California Maki


- Green Tea


- Japanese Melon

- Sea Salt Tako

Indulge in a set menu for 2 at Tenyuu Grand featuring Japanese classics with a twist.

Can be enjoyed at any one of Tenyuu Grand's branches.

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