Hoshi Japanese Restaurant

Hoshi Japanese Restaurant
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Hoshi Japanese Restaurant Signature Set Menu

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Hoshi Japanese Restaraunt's set menu of 10 signature dishes for 2 is all but guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied.

There's no greater joy than sharing delicious food with your loved one, come taste real happiness on a plate at Hoshi Japanese Restaurant.

Signature Set Menu

- Salmon Paradise

- Kani Miso

- Salmon Unagi Ebi Tem Roll

- Salmon Kabu Toni

- Otoro Sushi x2

- Hamachi Sushi x2

- Giant Anago Sushi x2

- Kani Tataki

- Blancmange

- Green Tea x2

Price is inclusive of tax and service charge.

Hoshi Japanese Restaurant

Hoshi Japanese Restaurant embodies the idea of the "taste of happiness."

The entire culinary experience, from the food to the atmosphere, was curated so that every single customer that walks through the restaurant's doors leaves with a smile on their face.

Discover a taste of happiness at Hoshi Japanese Restaraunt with their signature set menu for 2.

Can be enjoyed at any one of Hoshi's branches.

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