New Normal Travel Set

New Normal Travel Set

Zipmex Travel Pack : Night Out

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Stay safe & stylish with Zipmex Travel Pack. What's in the pack? A 100% cotton hoodie, fast charging power bank, and an adjustable face mask.

Cool and stylish. Shout yourself out as Zipster! Spotting all eyes with Zipmex Travel Pack set.

Safe & Stylish

Protect yourself but still look cool with a Travel set, including

ZIPMEX Hoodie: Comfy to wear. Easy to match with any style.

ZIPMEX compact power bank: Must-have item for the real traveler.

ZIPMEX Face mask with adjustable strap: Fit for all. Save all lives.

Product Details

ZIPMEX Hoodie: Width 44” Length 26” Sleeves 22”

ZIPMEX power bank : 10,000 mAh fast charging compact power bank

ZIPMEX Face mask with adjustable strap : Antibacterial, moisture wicking, fast drying, easy care

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